Add companies to ACCT check by phone input screen

Currently, FA, FD & KFD are the only company options available for accepting check by phones (PHNCHK) in Gias.  Please add the companies listed below to the Company Selection drop-down box (for Accounting checks only).  Display the respective company name on the image of the check according to the company chosen.  When the .csv data file is created once those are extracted from Gias, input the appropriate two-digit company code in the 16th column/position.  Below are the companies to add along with their designated two-digit company code:

Directors Air Corporation (DC)

Directors Agency, LP (DP)

Directors Choice Assignment Services (DA)

Directors Capital Ventures, Inc (DV)

Directors Investment Group (DG)

Directors Real Estate Management (DR)

Passare, Inc (PS)

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  • Feb 19 2016
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    March 14, 2016 13:47

    I need to correct the company code for Directors Capital Ventures, Inc.  Two-digit company code should be DV.