Fix Broken Links on My Tribute Planner and Passare

A few links on My Tribute Planner are now broken.

On the home page "Celebrate Your Unique Life" used to go to a built-in article on the site. It is now linking to an unrelated Passare article. It should be linked back to the original article of that name.

In the Tools and Resources section, any links to Passare need to be updated because the links are currently going to an error message.

"Protecting Your Digital Assets" - update link to

"Estate Planning" - update link to

"Understanding Probate" - update link to


Also, all old links to Passare's consumer site will be broken by the update and need to be redirected to

As far as timing, this issue should be addresses as soon as possible, I would imagine!

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  • Oct 4 2017
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I need it... Yesterday (let's go already)
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